Have It All

Ornit Goren-Agmon
Certified Results Coach

Have It All

Ornit Goren-Agmon
Certified Results Coach

You can have it all. In Business. In Relationships. In Life.

You can have it all. In Business.
In Relationships. In Life.

Hi, I’m Ornit, an international results couch, certified by Tony Robbins, The world’s #1 life and business strategist.

With over 12 years of experience in the coaching world, along with the proven tools I acquired from Tony Robbins, I work with my clients to create a customized strategy to locate and remove the barriers blocking them from success. I hold them accountable and set clear, measurable goals to track their progress.

It is my mission to enable my clients to recognize, cherish and utilize their strengths, so that they can successfully achieve their ultimate goals (even those they never thought possible), creating real, lasting change; leading to fulfilment in every aspect of their life.

Why Me?

What is CRC?

Coaching is a relationship.

The key to the coaching process is all about relationships. A unique and deep bond is created and we become a tight-knit team working towards a common goal. We work together to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be, by focusing on the present and the future, not on the past.

The core of my process is based on commitment, sincerity and a shared responsibility to achieve your best life’s winning image and live the life you always dreamed of.

Hanging on the Wall

Certified Results Coach | Tony Robbins Coaches Academy
BA in Psychology and Theater | Tel Aviv University
MA in Public Administration | Tel Aviv University
Coaching Course | Coaching Academy Coaching Supervisor’s Course | Coaching Academy
Master’s Course | Coaching Academy NLP Trainer Course | Yossi Kedmi
Collectors and Design Course | Daniella Ohad

My Role

I hold up a magnifying glass without putting it down and through it I see only your strengths. By focusing on those very strengths and holding the magnifying glass there long enough, you begin to see possibilities that you never even believe existed. That is when the real transformation starts to happen and the path to creating lasting change begins with a great power and momentum.